What is PAC?


The PAC fills a valuable role at Renfrew Elementary. It's your opportunity as a parent or guardian to voice your concerns, contribute to the goals of your child's school and to assist with your child's learning experience. Our purpose is to support, encourage and improve the education at our school, providing input to the school prinicpal and staff on matters related to school programs, policies, plans and activitites.

In particular, the Renfrew Elementary PAC does the following:

  • Raises money to help pay for field trips, performances (e.g. opera, dance), the school garden, computer equipment and most recently playground equipment. This helps to eliminate or significantly lower the cost of activities and provide equipment that is not otherwise funded.
  • Organizes speakers for parent education on topics like bullying, bike safety and health and wellness.
  • Plans healthy hot lunches. A welcome break from figuring out what to make for your child for lunch!
  • Makes the school a hub for community events like movie nights.

You can learn more about what we've been up to by reading the minutes of our previous meetings or viewing our financial plan for this year.

PAC Meetings

We welcome and encourage all parents to come out to our PAC meetings. At every meeting, we provide free child minding by our grade 7 student volunteers as well as drinks and snacks.

PAC Executive 2018-2019

Chair: Angela G. , Maya T.
Treasurer:  Lina L.
Secretary:  TBA
Fundraiser:  Amber W.
Members at Large:  Rachel C., Michael L., Ada C.
District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Rep. (non-voting)vacant
Communications:  Emily H.

To learn about the different roles on our PAC executive, please read the PAC Bylaws, Article 6.


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