Renfrew PAC Meeting
September 30, 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm by Stephen C.

Emily H. moves to approve previous minutes, seconded by Yuki T.

Kevin R. moves to adopt the agenda, seconded by Melenie H.

Principal's Report:

  • Great start up to school year—thx PAC for coffee chats and parent support, all classes organized by first Friday, Social Responsibility week, great Meet the Teacher night, class reviews.
  • 422 students:  300 Neighbourhood and 122 Montessori.
  • Goal setting with teachers/parents/students next week.
  • Completion of new fence on 22nd for more safety adn better define school grounds in progress.
  • First Pro D focus on new BC ED Curriculum—Renfrew teacher’s doing lots and planning on more ways to focus on new ‘competencies-- Communication, Thinking and Personal and Social Competency and new curriculum.
  • New lunchroom system working well  K-2 in West Basement and 3-7 East basement.
  • Before and After school Program has been licensed to 60!  Almost full again. There are 3 spots still available. They now have ½ of West basement.
  • Safety and security—traffic reminders and doors secured (school supervision times). Parents are asked not to drive into the school parking lot to drop of their children because of all the pedestrian traffic there.It's quite dangerous for the kids.
  • Girls gr 4-7 Soccer Leadership Program in November and December (Mondays).
  • Cross country running already started.
  • WCP starting in November this year.
  • Terry Fox t-shirts on sale for $20 each. We just got more in. Also, note that Renfrew School has raised almost $100,000 through the Terry Fox Run since they first started. The goal this year is to raise $3000.

Vice-Principal's Report:

  • Background on Ms. Baker:  taught for over 20 years (mainly intermediate students), was a teacher librarian, formerly came from Garibaldi Annex
  • New lunch seating program allows kids to sit within their grade group instead of just within their classroom group.
  • Ms. Baker, Mr. Blackman and 2 other teachers are doing a Massive Open Online course via UBC.
  • Ms. Baker and a few teachers are taking a tech course.

Chair's Report:

  • PAC's Mission:  The goal is to get as many parents involved as possible. In particular, we would like to recoonect with English as a Second Language parents who represent 186 students at the school (about 110 families) by translating as many documents as possible into other languages.
  • Hot Lunch Program:  The PAC has brought on New York Foods. Handouts will be going out on Oct 1. Return your form and payment to the blue bin in the office. First meal is Oct. 9 through to Dec 18. On average, the meals will cost $7.50 with approximately $1 going to the PAC for fundraising. Fresh fruit/vegetables and drinks will provided. Kids get their meal and then choose from different sets of fruit/vegetables and their drink.
  • Direct Donation Campaign:  Starting on Oct 5, the direct donation drive letter will go out. Tax receipts for donations of $25 or more from the Vancouver School Board will be issued. Donations should be submitted in a sealed envelop along with your cheque/cash and donation slip. Alternatively, you may donate online on
  • Parent Education Series:  Patricial Morris will be conducting 4 free sessions starting either in late October or early November. Her topics will be about dealing with children's emotions. Free child minding will also be available during the sessions.
  • Book Fair:  In partnership with Scholastic Books, you will be able to buy books in the School Library Oct 5-8. Sales are open 30 minutes before school and 30 minutes after school. The funds go toard getting more books for the school; it's not a PAC fundraising event. We are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping for a shift, please contact the PAC.
  • Clothing Drive:  We will be having one clothing drive Jan 8 to Feb 5. If we get enough bags, we can earn as much as $3 per bag. Parent volunteers are requested to help sort the bags. If you are interested in helping for a shift, please contact the PAC.
  • Volunteering:  The PAC is using to organize volunteers. All we need is your email and the software will automatically email you invitations to volunteer at events. In the email, just click the link to confirm yes or the lnk to confirm no you can volunteer. No download.
  • Sponsorship of Child Minding Course for Grade 6/7:  Discussion on whether the PAC wants to organize and/or pay for this course. It costs about $55 per student. We usually need 5 to 10 students each year. The general agreement is the PAC would like to help in some way with this.


The position of District PAC Representative is open. Nominations were opened but no one was interested at this time.

Treasurer's Report:

  • We reviewed the PAC budget. Note that the gaming fund grant gives the PAC $20/students but there are restrictions on what it may be used on.
  • It was explained that the PAC budget is based on the amount we fundraise the previous year. For example, the funds earned during the 2014-15 year are used to set the budget and pay for the 2015-16 year.
  • The school has requested $500 toward a new laptop for school wide presentations. It was suggested to ask parents if they have a used laptop that could be donated or ask a local business to donate one. If you have one, please contact the PAC.
  • The performing arts budget of $1500 pays for 2 performances. In the past we used to pay for 4 performances, but the budget was adjusted so that we could put money toward sciences, math and classroom resources.
  • The PAC is fundraising toward a garden water system so that instead of using up valuable teaching time having the kids transport water from the opposite end of the school, the time could be used for lessons.

Open Discussion

  • A parent asked about whether we will be doing the cookies and pies fundraiser this year. Depending on how the direct donation drive does, we may not do this fundraiser. Also, the logistics are complicated because all the items need to be kept frozen.
  • The PAC discussed sending emails via teacher lists, but there are some legal complications with this. Canadian law requires you to have explicit consent to sending that person emails.

Colleen T. moved to adjourn the meeting and Janet T. seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 pm by Stephen C.


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