Renfrew PAC Meeting
September 26, 2012 Minutes


Meeting called to order at 3:25pm by James B. (Chair). All in attendance introduce themselves. James motions to adopt agenda, 2nd by Colleen T. Previous minutes reviewed. James motions to adopt minutes, 2nd by Patrick L.

Librarian’s Presentation

  • Encouraged parents to use VSB’s learning resources website “webcat”. Introduced some of the useful resources materials (magazines, newspapers, French literatures).
  • Reported book fair success

Chair’s Report (James B.)

Upcoming Events:

  • Sep 28th, Friday – Entertainment book sale ends
  • Oct 2nd/Oct 30th – Hot Lunch
  • Nov 2nd-23rd – Frozen Cookies & Pies sale
  • Nov 20th – Hot Lunch
  • Nov 21st – PAC meeting
  • Dec 11th – Frozen Cookies & Pies Pick-Up
  • Dec (date yet to be decided) - Breakfast with Santa
  • December Hot Lunch will be cancelled in order to avoid conflict with “Breakfast with Santa”.

Note: PAC added extra and extra Hot Lunch in October to replace one missed in December.


  • VSB has altered payment terms to prepay and has raidsed installation cost by 50%.
  • Due to these changes, “New Swing Set” bill is due Oct 20th, 2012 while "New Playground" has already been paid for. Swings will be paid from Gaming Grant when PAC receives funds around the end of September.

PAC’s Info Board

  • Colleen T. re-decorated/organized PAC board
  • PAC’s board needs more info for parents and be moved to more visible location (e.g. Beside VP’s office).
  • Volunteer sign-up sheets and teachers/parents suggestion box are among suggestions.

Pumpkin Patch

PAC cancelled Pumpkin Patch due to lack of budget, time, and volunteers. Principal is considering Pumpkin Patch if enough parents/teachers volunteer.

Treasurer’s Report

  • James reviews 2012-13’s budget from AGM minutes, and invites any questions.
  • IT budget $3,000 is set aside in case the end of lease buy-out fails.
  • Performing Arts does not include dance program for kids. The dance program for kids will return this year in March for a week, but not from PAC’s budget.
  • Currently PAC does not have enough money to pay our entire 2012-13 financial obligations (i.e. $43,800 playground/swings and $10,000 2012-13 PAC budget). The short fall is a result of the VSB charging PAC $5,000 more to install phase 3 of the playground. James predicts that with several fundraisers, we should be able to cover all obligations by December. Nevertheless, he requests Renfrew to hold off on giving PAC any more bills for a while.

Principal’s Report

  • 415 students as of September 26, 2012 and able to keep VP and extra clerical.
  • Introduces new teachers. Montessori teachers/program connected well with staff and community.
  • New Out of School Care has been operating in the lunchroom, and doing well. Only a few spots left. New lunch time arrangement as a result: K-gr1 eat in lunchroom, gr2-4 in boys basement, gr 5-7 in girls basement.
  • Successful “Meet the Teacher”
  • Cross Country Running club has started, and Terry Fox event on Sep 28
  • First performance – Mime show
  • New safety system (visitors wear yellow badge) working well Signage around school and babysitting course for kids still in progress
  • Signage around school and babysitting course for kids still in progress

DPAC’s Report (Gordon M.)

  • Thanks Principal for Out of School Care
  • Reduced District Closure days from 10 to 5 in 2012/13

Upcoming events by DPAC:

  • Oct 3rd (Wed) 7:00pm – Parenting and Teaching High-Tech Kids: Engaging Young Learners While Avoiding iDisorders (Dr. Larry Rosen)
  • Oct 17th (Wed) 7:00pm – Registered Disability Saving Plan Information Session at Creekside Community Centre #1 Athletes Way
  • May 16th 6-9pm (tentative) – Town Hall meeting (location TBA)

New Business

  • VP mentions of the Joint PAC meeting, which was suggested by Windermere Secondary PAC. Approx. 2-3 meetings/year including neighbouring elementary schools and community centres in order to exchange info/events.
  • Trees along the 22nd street need to be trimmed. Some dead branches may cause a safety issue.
  • When will an earthquake preparedness drill happen? James B. makes a motion to adjourn the meeting at 5pm, Colleen T. seconds.


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