September 24, 2018 Minutes

Maya calls the meeting to order at 6:05pm

All in attendance:  Maya, Lina, David, Mike, Amber, Susie, Katherine, Ada, Michael, Jenny, Ms. Sandhu, Ms.
Homenuik, Angela, Rachel

Katherine motion to adopt the agenda, Michael seconds Katherine motion to adopt the previous AGM minutes, Michael seconds

Principal Report

  • Introduce new Vice principal
  • New strong start program asking for parent volunteer
  • Chinese school will start soon
  • City active travel project has been implemented, there are some issues with parking violations, law enforcement will be brought in
  • Cycling safety workshop for Grade 6 and 7
  • Jiu-Jitsu workshops will happen again this year
  • Sale of Renfrew clothing will start after Terry Fox run
  • New reporting system will have 2 formal report cards going in Jan and Jun
  • FSA ministry testing for language, art, match for G4-­7 switch to Oct
  • Apple for App fundraising event due by Oct 2 and $25 per box

Vice-­principal Report

  • Self introduction of the new vice principle Ms. Katy Homenuik
  • Gr 7 sign up for peer helper and library monitor
  • Book fair week of Oct 1-­5, volunteer for crowd control and security are needed, please sign up at the  library


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