Oct 9, 2013 Minutes

The meeting is called to order at 6:45 by Colleen T.

Agenda is approved.

  1. Hugh introduces resource teachers and library teacher
    1. Teachers thank parents and PAC for help with resource materials for literacy.
    2. Eleanor thanks parents for assistance with Book fair. Money raised over $1000 and received over $400 in books
  2. Christian school expansion
    1. Carol E. and Pat H. (community residents) gave a presentation regarding a proposed extension to the already existing Christian school in the Renfrew neighborhood.
      1. Safety concerns regarding traffic, access for first responders
    2. Copy of Development Application No.DE416986 and Urban Design Panel Minutes attached
  3. Approval of Previous Minutes
    1. Colleen noted they are posted on the PAC board
    2. Colleen went over major points
    3. James motion accepted
  4. Chair’s Report
    1. Coffee sessions on first days and meet the teacher very successful
    2. Thank you to everyone who signed up for email notifications. We will communicate with parent via email so if you haven’t signed up, please do.
    3. Please visit our website www.renfrewpac.com for information, bulletins
    4. Hot Lunch off to a good start, will report a little later in meeting on that.
    5. Proposed parent education ie: Anti-bulling and Internet Awareness
    6. Babysitting Course booked for November 22, 2013 – Pro D day, $49/student, PAC will provide lunch. Sign up on munchalunch.com. Renfrew students get first pick then sibling from other school may fill up remaining spots
  5. Hot Lunch Program
    1. 117 families have signed up, 107 orders for Oct 10th lunch
    2. Colleen went through munchalunch.com
    3. Questions were asked about who the venders were
    4. Teachers asked for an account to place personal orders. Colleen will set up
    5. Talk about field trips to be set up on munchalunch.com
    6. Call for more volunteers for a smoother hot lunch day
  6. Financial report presented by Colleen
    1. Colleen went over number on the financial report
    2. Discussions around Montessori budget/account
    3. Motion to accept financial report – Janet and Emily
  7. Mr. Blackman’s Report
    1. Smooth September start up. All classes were set by the first Friday and we are 100% full
    2. No parent concerns with class placements or combined classes and we had successful
    3. New Montessori class has received lots of materials and Diane McQueen is busily setting
    4. New VP, Selma Smith, is a wonderful addition to Renfrew School and has been doing a
    5. We received 25 new Renfrew jerseys from the VPD Police Foundation! Our teams are
    6. Budget is set but we are really limited and have no funds to replace aging technology. with a few students waitlisted at neighboring schools and hopefully able to enter Renfrew next year or sooner! Meet the Teacher and Goal Setting conferences. up classroom. We also welcome Cristovao Janicas—Life Skills teacher, Tonia Young‐Eng ‐‐Music teacher, and our new Building Engineer Gene Solamillo. great job. up and running with over 35 in X Country Running. We have been loaned from VSB an iPad cart with 15 more iPads! This means we have 30 for class use and they are heavily booked out! replace. $10/ student for classroom special projects support.
    7. Wi Fi is fully operational but our lab is on its last life and we have no school budget to
    8. Budget hopes for future from PAC—continue $10 Fieldtrip support and work toward
    9. Very successful Book Fair—thx to staff and parents for help
    10. Great Terry Fox Run raised $2600 and almost $100,000 raised at Renfrew!
    11. 4 special performances have been planned thanks to PAC funding support. Plus we had
    12. Breakfast with Santa. Staff thinks it is a great event and would support PAC taking this
    13. Teachers looking forward to new hot lunch system but need more information—how it will work and the dates for the year?
    14. Cross Country Meet @ Trout Lake next Thursday afternoon. This year over 35 participating.
    15. Before and After School Child care was expanded to 45 and is full.
    16. Windermere Community Programs are starting soon (Wednesdays and Fridays). As well Earth Rangers and will have the Lion Dance, and A‐Z H20 and Clean Up your Act shows. on as a fundraiser. will work and the dates for the year? participating! we have Math Buddies, Reading Buddies, Collingwood Buddy Program, Renfrew Library Grade 5/6 Reading Club.
  8. New Business
    1. Reminder that October 16, 2013 is picture day
    2. Maple Grove Elementary School is holding a talk on “Montessori Learning at Home”
    3. A parent asked about workshops help by Saleema Noon on person health. Colleen asked
    4. James brought the elementary elephant playground needs to be addressed. It is handout attached for some information and will look into workshop. Hugh said he has offered her workshops in the past. Renfrew has a public health nurse available to students. . scheduled for removal July 2016. Discussions occurred around high costs and areas of cost savings.
    5. Kerry is now our DPAC rep
    6. Safe arrival programs. Hugh said school doesn’t have resources.
    7. Speed Limit around school grounds. Hugh says due to major artery speed cannot be reduced. Meeting Adjourned 8pm


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