Renfrew PAC Meeting
November 21, 2012 Minutes


Meeting called to order at by James B. (Chair) at 6:35pm. All in attendance introduced themselves. James B. motions to adopt agenda, seconded by Vasilia W. James B. motions to adopt the minutes, seconded by Sue M. (Secretary).

Chair’s Report (James B.)

  • Playground update: Phase 3 of our playground is purchased but not likely to be in place before March 2013. It will be adjoined to the current playground.
  • Recently received a notice from VSB Grounds regarding the ‘kindergarten playground’ (Rupert St.) which is slated to be removed in 2016. Parents need to be mindful that this will need to be replaced.
  • Calendar: Hot lunch this week, cookie and pie sales due this Friday. Pick up for cookie and pie sales Dec. 11 at 3pm either in the cafeteria or boys basement. December 20th is the Winter Concert between recess and lunch-parents welcome to attend. December 12th is the Breakfast with Santa. Goals for this event are community building as well as fundraising for fine arts and technology.
  • Volunteers: If you are interested, please leave a note in the PAC box, speak to the school secretary or sign up on the PAC board.
  • Before/After School Care: Spots available if parents are interested. Go down and speak to Evelyn or ask at the school office.

Treasurer’s Report (Nancy V.)

  • $9188.77 of $10,000 budget remains this school year and we have spent $811.23. Total costs of our school playground (phases 1, 2 &3) to date is $81, 461.56
  • Our fiscal year is June 1st-May 31st

Montessori Report (Colleen T.)

  • Parent education for Montessori philosophy and modules (hoping to start in January): All parents are invited to attend, not specifically for Montessori parents.
  • Montessori website: Is up, and you can access info on that site. Message board is there as well for comments or suggestions and info. Renfrew school site can link parents to this site or you can access it via: ( Update:  this has been merged into the Renfrew PAC website)
  • Spring carnival (still in the planning stages): Earth Day is the theme and is scheduled for Friday, April 19th (pro-d day) *Group discussion on date…is it better on pro-d or school day? Details will be posted as well as volunteer requests. Planning committee will need additional people as well. Goal for fundraising is yet to be determined.

Montessori Treasurer’s Report

  • Donations to date have totaled $5, 750. Bank balance $3260. *Montessori received $25,000 for start up costs from the VSB this school year.

Principal’s Report (Hugh Blackman)

  • Budget overview: PAC plays a huge roll in supporting the school. VSB budget for the school is about $25,000 with the majority of it being spent on office supplies, classroom supplies and our library. Technology costs and needs at the school must have parent support.
  • Computer plans: We are trying to maintain our computer lab however they are at the end of their 4-year lease. We need to look at a plan for improving technology as well as maintenance of our current technology.
  • New parent handbook: This model has been re-adopted for all parents to have a handbook and new parents to the school will receive them as well. These will soon be available on the school website.
  • UBC student teachers: Currently here in our school, please welcome them.
  • Great Golf program: Golf lessons were just completed, enjoyed by all.
  • Montessori Parent Interest Sessions: Start this Friday and will run monthly.
  • Ready Set Learn: 6 sessions open to 3-4 year olds and run by two parents who are/have been parents at our school with ECE training.
  • Great connections with Windermere: Such as grade 7/8 Articulation, and after school programs.
  • Sports: Volleyball teams are up and running with Renfrew hosting all the games.
  • Beautification of basements: Committee of teachers working on improving the space in our basements at Renfrew.
  • Special assembly this Friday: Led by our Aboriginal Enhancement Worker. Parents are welcome to attend assemblies.
  • Tai Chi is running at the school.

New Business

  • Montessori parents-welcome
  • Parent/Teacher relationships
  • E-mails in place of newsletters
  • Parent reps for each division – (bilingual?)
  • Translation issue discussed to address our families who are ESL

James B. adjourns the meeting at 8:06pm, seconded by Sue M.


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