Renfrew Elementary ‘Special’ PAC Meeting for the Purpose of By-Law Amendments
May 22, 2013 Minutes


James B. (Chair) calls the meeting to order at 6:40pm.

Minutes reviewed; James motions to adopt minutes, seconded by Sue M. (Secretary).

James thanks By-Law committee who collectively worked over 100 hours on these new proposed amendments. Special thanks to the three principals of the By-Law committee: Colleen T. (Fundraiser), Nancy V. (Treasurer) and James. James also thanks parents Yuki and Gina and Principal Hugh B. for their contributions.

James to motion that Colleen will scribe any changes needed as we review.

Proposed By-Law Amendments Reviewed:

  • Table of contents-added · Name-added
  • Purpose-school act, purpose of Renfrew PAC-added
  • Definitions and interpretations of terms used in the document-added
  • Membership-altered
  • Meeting of membership- altered
  • Termination of membership- altered
  • Quorum- altered
  • Executive committee- altered
  • Duties and powers of the executive committee- altered
  • School Planning Council and DPAC- altered
  • Committees and Subcommittees-added
  • Code of Ethics-added
  • Financial matters-added
  • Maintenance, Inspection and Transfer of Records-added
  • Property in documents-added
  • Address of Service and Location of Records-added
  • Alerting of By-Laws- altered
  • Dissolution-added
  • Constitution - added to the document but nothing amended
  • Appendix A-code of ethics for executives to sign-added

James moves to accept the new version of the By-Laws; unanimously approved.

This new version of Renfrew Elementary School Consultative Association By-Laws will be submitted prior to June 29th so they may be in effect for the new executive as of June 29th. Cost of this submission is $50.

James adjourns the meeting at 7:55pm, seconded by Esther B. (Vice-Chair).

View bylaws here.


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