Renfrew PAC Meeting
May 14, 2014 Minutes

Meeting is called to order by Colleen T. at 6:40pm

Previous minutes are reviewed and motioned to adopt by Jaylene T, seconded by Michelle W.

Motion to adopt the agenda, Melanie H., seconded by Ed H.

Chair’s Report

  • Review of Hot lunch program – approx. 100 orders a week
  • PAC will be doing hotdog on sports day – already 300 orders
  • Teacher appreciation lunch moved from June 10 tbd at later date.
  • Parent education days not well attended – suggestion made to send out a survey to see what parents are interested in.
  • Clothing drive on is on now. So far we have 45 bags – we need 75 – still lots of time.Fun Fair is planned for Friday June 20, 2014
    • Planning is going well – weather permitting will be outside
    • 15 parent volunteers so far
    • Committee plans to reach out to grade 7’s for running the games
    • Notice to go out Tuesday May 20, 2014 for notice and call for volunteers
    • Hugh reminds that teachers are in job action and will not be involved

Treasurers Report

  • iPad budget carried over from last year
  • Grade 7 grad money to be paid to the school
  • SPC $ to go to aboriginal day $250
  • Motion to adopt the treasurers report by Melanie H., seconded by Carey D

Principals Report

  • Thank you to School Plan Committee—Kevin, Banu, Yuki, Colleen
  • Review of recent safety drills—code Yellow and Fire Drill
  • Job action update
  • PAC funded Fieldtrips—Big THX! Swimming; Kayaking’ Art Gallery; Playland·
  • Great Welcome to Kindergarten—THX Colleen for attending
  • Sports Day—events until 2 pm, supervision until 3.
  • Aboriginal Day June 13 Lots of Festivities planned
  • Small playground swings recently removed. Checking with VSB as to what can still be kept and how much replacement swings would be
  • Floors to be replaced on main level during summer. Daycare will be at Norquay as school willneed to be closed all summer
  • Update on recent Code Yellow by Selma S.
  • Ability to save the small playground structure is discussed. Hugh will contact VSB again to get some information.

New Business

  • Proposed 2014/2015 budget is presented and discussed
  • Playground money to come from the gaming account and we have 2 years to come up with the cash. Fundraising ideas are discussed. Suggestions made of Walk-a-thons.
  • Discussion regarding Saleema Noon presentation on proposal
  • Kerry presented updates from the LGBT Policy revision meeting he attended at VSB.
    • Concerns were mainly regarding the lack of non-medical professionals on-site to aid LGBT kids and parental involvement.
    • There were discussions regarding child self-diagnosis, stats and misdiagnosis
    • Questions were posed on who is the advocate teacher or parent.
    • Changes to policy mostly around safe environment for all students, washrooms etc.
    • Not much was decided or resolved.
    • Will put a link to the policy on the PAC website for parents
  • April fundraiser was not successful with only 9 orders totaling $564
  • Profits from hot lunch $300-400/month
  • Expectations for the upcoming fun fair - $500. This year will be open to the public.
  • Notice for fun fair to go out May 20, 2014

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 by Colleen T., seconded by Jaylene T.


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