Renfrew PAC Meeting
March 13, 2013 Minutes


Meeting called to order at 6:35pm by James B. (Chair). All in attendance introduced themselves. James motions to adopt agenda, seconded by Colleen T. (Fundraiser). Minutes reviewed; James motions to adopt minutes, seconded by Esther B. (Vice-Chair).

Chair’s Report (James B.)

  • Easter Egg Hunt: Thank you to all the volunteers who made this fun event happen.
  • Library Book Fair: Record sales; thank you volunteers.
  • Playground Opening Ceremony: Friday, March 15 @ 2pm (cake served).
  • Playground Rebate: VSB has rebated us $3,556.62 from September’s initial estimate.
  • School Planning Council (SPC): Focus on math for next school year.
  • Bylaw Committee: Discuss possible changes to our Bylaws. (April 3rd @ 6:30pm)
  • Potential Fundraiser(s): Bagged whole bean/ground gourmet coffee sale and movie night.
  • Clothing Drive: All April long. Donated clothes to go to receiving area of school.
  • Hot Lunch: 3 left this school year with next slated for April 16th.
  • AGM: Executive elections and new budget adoption. (June 5th)

Budget Motions

  • Literacy Fund: James motions to increase our annual budget by $2,000 for resource material applicable to the entire school.-motion carried.
  • Miscellaneous: James motions to increase our annual budget another $2,000. Members give Executives discretionary power to decide where these funds will be allocated.-motion carried.

Fun Fair (Colleen T.)

  • Family fun, food, and games!
  • Price - $1 per game. (April 18 @ 3-7pm).

Treasurer’s Report (Nancy V.)

  • $3,052.20 of $11,750.00 budget remains this school year; while we have spent $8,697.80.
  • With the approval of the two new motions, the updated 2012-13 budget is $15,750.00.

Principal’s Report (Hugh Blackman)

  • Dance: With Joanne Fetchko, students loved program and learned a lot in one week. Over 200 parents attended production.. 2 weeks is the plan for next year (hope PAC can support next year).
  • Computer Plan: 6 new computers for teacher/staff work stations in library, staffroom, office. Replace lab computers and move the old ones to classrooms. Wireless should be in by next year.
  • Garden: Opportunity to build two more beds - possibly PAC can fund new project.
  • Literacy: Teachers and students are happy that PAC is supporting Literacy needs for Home Reading and novel sets.
  • SPC: Thanks members Elizabeth, Colleen and James.
  • Movie Licensing Info: New terms with VSB...PAC can show movies and charge for the viewing!
  • New VSB term for dual track schools: Neighbourhood and District program
  • School Projection: 350 Neighbourhood, 65 District Montessori, 15 District Life Skills and Special Rem. = 430 students for next September.
  • VSB Budget Shortfall: Was projected at 24 million, now down to 10 million.
  • Parking Lot/Driveway Issue: Anne Lee (Facilities) recognizes problem and is determining what VSB can do.

New Business

  • Japanese food suggested as Hot Lunch choice.

James adjourns the meeting at 7:45pm, seconded by Esther.


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