PAC Meeting
June 24, 2015

Meeting called to order by Yuki T. at 7:05.

The agenda is reviewed and motioned to adopt and seconded by Janet T.

Janet reviews AGM minutes and motions to adopt, seconded by Esther B.

Chair’s Report

  • Yuki introduces the executives. Thanks everyone helping this year, especially with the Fun Fair.
  • Yuki thanks Kevin and Melanie for acting as interim Montessori Reps.
  • Yuki states our goal this year was to reduce spending to maximize profits.
  • The Fun Fair was a successful event and raised $4000.00. The Day Pass worked well. The Lunch Lady will not resume hot lunches due to health issues.
  • The Staff Appreciation Lunch was enjoyed by all staff members. Thank you parents for providing a wonderful lunch.
  • The previous PAC could not support the Saleema Noon lecture due to limited funds. Also, the PAC should remain neutral. This topic may be sensitive for some parents and impact their political or religious beliefs. Other options would be to bring in a sex health educator for $150 per/hour (Options for Sexual Health) or consider an afterschool workshop by Saleema Noon (Option C). Other concerns by parents included; it wouldn’t fit into their work schedules, need for a translator, and need to be on-going education rather than 1 workshop.
  • If changes needed for by-law, a by-law committee should be formed to discuss PAC structure suitable for dual track school. This discussion will be on going. Any changes would need to be posted for two weeks before being voted on.

Treasurer’s report

  • See Report
  • New additions to the budget are the Class Funds, Classroom Literacy Funds, Classroom Science/Math Fund and Sports Equipment.
  • James motions to vote on 2015-2016 budget and it is approved unanimously.

Principals Report

  • Promotion of VP Ms. Smith to District Vice Principal
  • New VP from Garibaldi Annex, Ms. Baker
  • Mr. Loutit acting VP
  • Great Sports Day – lots of parent support
  • School garden learning flourishing (temp water barrel being installed)
  • New computer lab fully set up and older computers placed in classrooms and LAC
  • Literacy resources donated by Variety Club and VSB matched funding
  • One teacher surplus due to enrollment in Neighbourhood program. We will miss the wonderful Mr. Janicas (he will be snapped up by another school)
  • New Montessori grade 4 teacher hired and new Temp Montessori for fall team hired.
  • Class organization meetings with thoughtful placement for next year
  • Growing K numbers from 28 to 50 this year! ( total 72 for September)
  • New fencing along 22nd Avenue to make it safer (replace pipe fence with low chain link)
  • Seismic processes (Renfrew part of many VSB schools being upgraded) At this point initial Geotechnical, non-structural mitigation and costing analysis has been done. In the fall there should be information about ways to make Renfrew a safer school which could involve repairs or replacement of older sections. The good news is the new wing is totally up to code and a safe structure!
  • New bulletin boards on second floor and main hallway by MPX for more wonderful art and projects.
  • Grad on June 18th and Service Assembly June 23
  • Final reports June 25th Admin Day June 26

Executive Election Results

  • Co-Chair – Stephen C., (2nd chair vacant)
  • Secretary – Emily H.
  • Treasurer – Laura S.
  • Members At Large – Angela G., Rachel C.
  • Fundraiser – Yuki T.

New Business

  • Other ways to raise funds? Direct donation letters for September

Meeting Adjourned by Yuki @ 8:50


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