Renfrew PAC Annual General Meeting
June 2014 Minutes

Meeting is called to order by Colleen T. at 6:40pm.

Previous minutes are reviewed and motioned to adopt by James B, seconded Janet T.

Agenda is reviewed and Yuki T asks to be added to agenda. Motion to adopt the agenda, James B. seconded Neena B.

Chair’s Report

  • Sports Day hot lunch was a big success
  • Teacher appreciation lunch and Fun Fair both cancelled due to teachers strike
  • Early bird sales refunded on last school day
  • Fun Fair to be held next school year, date yet to be decided
  • Hot Lunches were good for the year, profit of $2354
  • Would recommend weekly for next year
  • May clothing drive another success – brought in 210 bags @$3 ea for a total of $1380 for the year
  • Cookies and Pies, Poinsettias, BWS and Spring Fundraiser – all contributed
  • Budget update – Not all funds were spent – some carried forward and others due to strike

Treasurers Report

Financial report is reviewed. $4800 not spend much of it was field trips. In response to questions raised regarding the financial report:

  • Paypal service charges are recorded as bank service fees rather than an expense for hot lunch.
  • $400 entry for Windermere scholarship is due to the 2013-2014 payment being made after May 31 of last year.

Motion to adopt financial report by Ed H., seconded by Jenny N.

Principals Report

  • Mr. Blackman reviewed the year
  • Thanked PAC for their contributions

New Business

  • Proposed 2014/2015 budget is presented and discussed
  • Suggestion that the Field Trip budget be increased to $4300 and the total budget increased to $16,250

Motion to adopt the proposed budget Esther B, seconded May (?)

A member read personal letter and raised concerns about the deposit for the fun fair being paid without notification to the members, more than the elected members on the SPC. Concerns were discussed.

Executive Election Results:

  • Co-Chairs: Janet T. and Yuki T.
  • Seccretary: Gina P.
  • Treasurer: James B.
  • Fundraiser: Angela G.
  • Members at Large: Rachel C. and Elizabeth J.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15pm.


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