Renfrew PAC Meeting
June 14, 2016 Minutes

Stephen C. called the meeting to order at 6:37 pm.

Emily H. moved to adopt the minutes of the previous AGM, seconded by Rachel C. Motion carried.

Emily H. moved to adopt the agends, seconded by Jaylene T. Motion carried.

Chair's Report

  • Fun Fair was left out this year because of low return on investment and too labour intensive.
  • Clothing drive was labour intensive and it was suggested that the next PAC Executive may want to leave this out. It made $630.
  • The Direct Donation Drive was a big success and we collected over $4700.
  • Hot Lunch earned $3472 for the PAC and required no parent volunteers.
  • Parent Education Series had good attendance and helpful topics. It was led by Renfrew School teachers.
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch had many dishes contributed by parents and the PAC also made Thank-You posters.
  • Gaming Grant results in the PAC received $20 per student. We apply April-June and then the funds come to us around October. A minimum of 3 PAC executive (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary) are needed for the PAC to keep our status as a non-profit and receive the gaming grant. Note that most of the current PAC Executive members won't be returning.

Principal's Report

  • Staff for next year done (interviewed and hired 3 new teachers – gr 4/5 Montessori and Neighbourhood and Resource support – hired outstanding teachers!). Had over 30 applicants for each position which speaks to school reputation.
  • Enrollment projected to be 435 (300 Neighbourhood and 135 Montessori), 20 divisions.
  • Lots of great things at Renfrew from projects, field trips, extracurricular track meets and MaraFun.
  • Grade 7's soon planning for Farewell events.
  • Mr. Lee received Teacher of the Year from Junior Achievement.
  • Teachers continue to work towards new curriculum (presently busy preparing final report cards).
  • Next year's calendar was sent home and is posted on website.
  • We are getting fridge magnet calendars for parents!
  • Thanks for an amazing PAC this year. I understand that people are steppikng down but we truly appreciate all you did this year!
  • Slide show from our @renfrewschool twitter account.
  • Thanks for a great year! Mr. B.

Treasurer's Reports

  • See attached Budget.
  • For the proposed 2016-17 budget, Classroom Literacy Fund, Classroom Science/Math Fund, Sports Equipment and Music Room were combined into one new category “School Replacement Fund” so the school would have more flexibility in how the funds are spent.
  • A $500 contingency fund was added and $500 playground fund was added. There is also over $1200 left out of the budget just in case of unexpected expenses which if left unused, may be set aside for the future at the discretion of the new PAC Executive.

New Business

  • Budget Vote: Yuki T. moved that we adopt the 2016-17 proposed budget, seconded by Jenny N. Motion carried.
  • Hot Lunch Program: New York Foods would like a $1000 deposit if we would like to secure the Friday time slot for next school year. The advantages are that no parent volunteers are needed, the food quality is high, but each meal is more expensive than other places. The Lunch Lady which gave us more profit required parents to volunteer and help; also, the Lunch Lady is closed because the franchise owner for our area fell ill and retired. Munch-A-Lunch cost us a lot in transaction fees and required a lot of work by parents to find places to provide the food and to hand food out. Emily H. moved that we approve signing up for the Hot Lunch Program by New York Foods to secure the Friday time slot next shcool year with a $1000 deposit, seconded by Jaylene T. Motion carried.

PAC Elections

  • Chair: Jim T., (one vacant spot)
  • Treasurer: Jenny N.
  • Secretary: Zdenka T.
  • Fundraiser: Angela G.
  • Members-At-Large: Stephen C., Rachel C.

New Curriculum

  • Mr. Blackman gave a 15 minute presentation on the core principals and guidelines for the new curriculum. Generally, the changes recognizes how technology is changing and that students need more individualized learning to reach their full potential.

Stephen C. adjourned the meeting at 8:22 pm.


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