Renfrew PAC Meeting
January 8, 2014 Minutes


The meeting is called to order at 6:40 by Colleen T.

Colleen T. moves to adopt the agenda. James B. seconds. The previous minutes are reviewed, motion to adopt by Jaylene T, seconded by Gord M.

Hugh advised parents are free to use the teacher’s parking lot when attending PAC meetings Back doors near the receiving area will be open for entrance into the school on PAC meeting days.

Chair’s report

  • Hot lunches – 165 families signed up on Munch a Lunch. New dates will be announced within the next week. Increase in frequency to 3x per month. New vendors this quarter are Subway and Pizza Hut.
  • Cookies & Pies – very good fundraiser, shorter window so profits down a little from previous years
  • Poinsettias – not successful. Very short window so difficult to determine cause.
  • Breakfast with Santa - Very successful! Profits would have been more but unexpected expenses. VSB communication co-ordinator says by far the best she’s attended.

Financial Report

  • Financial report and budget for PAC were reviewed. Hot lunch profit $722, Breakfast with Santa $495, Cookies and Pies, $1077.
  • Montessori financials were reviewed as well. There has been no movement in this account
  • Discussions regarding possible funding education for teachers. Hugh urges discussion with DPAC on this matter

Motion to accept financial reports Ed W, Second - Jenny N..

Mr. Blackman’s Report

  • Very successful Winter Fest Concert
  • First term reports went home before break
  • Students settled back—very purposeful tone in school
  • Projected numbers for next year K-7 Neighbourhood 328 + 8 waitlist from this year, Montessori K-3 - 94, and District classes 16. Total projection 446. Renfrew is increasing due to good reputation and Before and After School Care program etc.
  • Satisfaction Surveys for gr 4 and 7 parents, students and all staff (view reports online)
  • FSA starting soon for gr 4 and 7
  • Transition programs by Windermere for our gr 7 preparing for gr. 8 High School
  • Computer committee seeking solutions for end of life computers in lab and classrooms. 30 iPad program going great!

Vice Principal’s Update

  • Registrations sent home for Windemere Programs
  • PAC will provide coffee for volunteers on School Wide Fitness days

New Business

  • James brought up moneys from gaming account. Discussions around stipulations on use.
  • January is clothing drive month. Notice and bags went out with students last week.
  • Colleen has scheduled two teacher/parent presentations on Feb 12 (one at 3:30, second @ 6:30) with Accomplished Learning. Presentation will introduce learning programs available for children with learning disabilities or that just need a bit of help. Hugh mentioned that schools have to be careful regarding endorsing private companies.
  • In February, Renfrew will have the yearly student led conference. Concerns by parents were brought up to Hugh regarding a lack of a formal venue to address concerns parents may have regarding their child’s progress. Request for a possible change to the format to allow for more parent/teacher communication. Hugh will take this request to the district and will report back to PAC at next meeting.

Next PAC meeting February 12 @ 6:30pm

Meeting Adjourned 8pm


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