Events and Fundraising

2018-2019 Year

September 4 - Welcome to school coffee & snack

A chance for parents and guardians to meet our PAC and other parents.

November 21 - Popcorn Sale

$1/bag at recess. A favourite of students.

December 6 - English Bay cookie pick up, after school

Delicious treats that you can pre-order and pick up at the school.

December 11 - Poinsettia & flower pick up, after school

Beautiful flowers to help make your home more cheerful.

February 4, 6 and 7 - Saleema Noon Workshops

Body science presentations for students for two days plus one earlier day for parents to find out what to expect their kids will be taught.

February 22 - Popcorn Sale

Provided as usual by Kernels.

May 31 - Popcorn Sale

2017-2018 Year

September 7 - Parent Coffee and Tea

The PAC welcomes all parents and guardians to join us for some Coffee/Tea and snacks. A great chance to meet our PAC Exec and other parents and guardians.

October - Direct Donation Drive

This is the PAC's main fundraiser. Come support our school with a cash donation to be used toward field trips, school supplies, technology and more. Thanks to all donors!

November 17 - Popcorn Day

Yay! Popcorn sold at recess for $1.

December - Poinsettias for Sale

Lovely red, pink and white poinsettias as well as tropical planters and wreaths.

February 16 - Popcorn Day

Another fun fundraiser for the kids. Just $1 per bag at recess.

March - West Coast Seeds

The PAC is selling a variety of seeds including vegetables, herbs and flowers.

April - Spring Plant Fundraiser

Beautiful plants by Devry Greenhouses.

Aprils 10 - Saleema Noon Workshop

Parents are welcome to join us to learn more about what will be taught to our kids regarding sexual health. Everything age appropriate to each child's age.

May 30-31 - Modeling Clay Sale

$2 per package. Sold just outside the main office.

June 14 - Popcorn Sale

Just $1 per bag. Sold at recess.

June - Staff Appreciation Lunch

Thanks to all the parents who brought in delicious food for lunch and/or helped out this year at our annual lunch to thank the teachers, administrators and support staff for all their hard work.


2016-2017 Year

September 6 and 8 - Parent Meet and Greet

Join the PAC for some refreshments and snacks while waiting for your kids to finish their first day of school. It's a great chance to meet the PAC executive and other parents and guardians.

February 8-9 - Lego Brick Count

For just 25 cents for one guess, 3 for 50 cents or 5 for $1 gets, your child got a chance to practice their math and estimation skills by figuring out how many lego bricks were in a jar. The winner received a $50 Chapter/Indigo gift card.

February 17 - Family Movie Night

The PAC hosted its first ever family movie night in the multi-purpose room featuring Zootopia.

March 9, April 5, May 24, and June 21 - Popcorn Sales

At recess, the PAC sold bags of popcorn (mostly from Kernels) to the kids.

June - Staff Appreciation Lunch

An annual tradition where we thank all the hard working staff at Renfrew Elementary school. All food is by donation from parents.


2015-2016 Year

September 8 and 10 - Welcome Coffee

Come and meet the PAC Executive members as well as mingle with other parents. Coffee, tea and light snacks will be provided.

October 5-30 - Direct Donation Drive

The Renfrew PAC is asking parents to donate $50 per student at the first direct fundraising drive in hopes of minimizing the number of fundraisers we have throughout the year. Tax receipts for donations $25 and over from the VSB.

Nov 5, 12, 19 and 26 - Free Parent Education Series at Renfrew School

The Renfrew PAC is sponsoring a free 4 part workshop on helping children manage their emotions. Each session is one hour long. We are fortunate to have Ms. Heather Main, an Area Counsellor for the Vancouver School Board, and Ms. Patricia Morris, a teacher for 25 years in Vancouver, hosting this series. To learn more, please visit our information page.

January 8 - February 5 - Clothing and Household Goods Drive

Drop off clothing and household goods at the school. You get to clean out your house while at the same time helping the PAC to earn some money for the school. The more bags we collect, the greater $ per bag we receive.

February 15 to 26 - Dance Week

The Renfrew PAC donates half the cost of dance week. Watch our kids perform on the two Fridays.

April 14 and May 27 - Popcorn Day

Student can buy popcorn at recess from the PAC. Just 50 cents per bag.

June 7 - Staff Appreciation Lunch

Parents please drop off a donation to the appreciation lunch in the morning. PAC volunteers put out the food buffet style for the wonderful staff of Renfrew School.

2 Artistic Performances

During the year, the PAC donated funds to help bring in 2 musical/theatrical performances.


2014-2015 Year

New events will be added here throughout the school year.

September 22-23 - Welcome Parents

Members of the PAC invite you to meet them and other parents.

October 17-November 14 - Clothing Drive #1

Drop off clothing and household goods at the school. Each bag earns funds toward the PAC. Extra bags available at the main office

November 7-24 - Cookie and Pie, Coffe and Tea Sale

Get delicious baked goods and eco-conscious Etico Fairtrade Coffee and Tea. The cookies and pies come frozen; all you have to do is pop them in the oven. This is the first year we've brought in coffee and tea orders.

November 21 - Taiko Drum Performance

The PAC funded a performance by local artists Uzume Taiko at the school.

November 28 - Babysitting Course

Grade 6s and 7s get the opportunity to participate in a babysitting certification course at Renfrew Elementary School. It's a great way for older students to get practical instruction in babysitting and learn responsibility.  The cost is $55 this year.

December 5  - Breakfast with Santa 

A fun morning out with Santa organized primarily by the school with some help from PAC volunteers.

January 7 - Will Stroet and His Backyard Band Performance

The PAC funded these internationally recognized children's musicians. He and his band perform both in English and French and have been featured on the CBC.

January to March - Hot Lunch Program

A great program for parents to get a break from making lunch. We raised $800 just on Sports Day lunch alone. Thanks to the many parents who helped out.

February 23 to March 6 - Dance Week

Renfrew students get to enjoy learning a dance routine to share with their fellow students and their families. This has been a popular and successful ongoing program for several years now and paid by PAC.

April 30 - Spring Fun Fair

We welcomes the families and friends of our students as well as people in the community to our annual fair at the school. Delicious food from Japa Dog, a bouncy castle and fun games were enjoyed by everyone. A little over $4000 was raised.

May - Clothing Drive #2

Another opportunity to clean out your house while raising money for our kids.

June 3 - Staff Appreciation Lunch Potluck

Thanks to the amazing staff at Renfrew for another great year!

June 4 - Volunteer Tea

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who helped out the school, a teacher or a PAC event this year!


2013-2014 Year

Sept 3 - Welcome Parents @ the Multi-Purpose Room (Small Gym), 8:30 to 10:30 AM

The first day of school is only 1 hour so we thought it would be a great opportunity for parents to meet each other. Coffee and some snacks will be available.

Sept 11 - PAC Open House @ the Multi-Purpose Room (Small Gym), 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Come out and meet the PAC executive and other parents at our open house. Free coffee and light refreshments will be provided. We would welcome your thoughts on what you think the PAC should do this year. This is also a great way to learn about future PAC sponsored events.

October to June - Hot Lunches

Through Munch-a-Lunch, you'll be able to order hot lunches for your kid(s). See a list of upcoming lunches here. Remember, you need to sign up for a free Munch-a-Lunch account to make your orders and pay online.

October 31 - Halloween Party

This is a new idea! We thought it would be fun to throw a Halloween Party for the students during the school day. The PAC will be collaborating with teachers for a party packed full of ghosts, witches and fun activities. Students are encouraged to wear their costume to school.

November 12-26 - Cookie and Pie Sale

Order your frozen cookies and pies in time for holiday entertaining. These are pre-made goodies that you simply pop in the oven. No mess; no work. This fundraiser has done very well in the past and we are looking forward to another successful year. Order via Munch-A-Lunch.

November 15-30 - Poinsettia Sale

Just in time for the winter holidays, order your red, white or pink poinsettias from the PAC. Plants average 14-16 inches in height and 13-16 inches in width. Order via Munch-A-Lunch.

December 2 - Axis Theatre Company Performance

Learn more here.

December 11 - Breakfast with Santa

Ho, ho, ho! Santa Claus will be making an appearance at Renfrew Elementary. Parents, grandparents and students are welcome to enjoy breakfast with Santa. This is a tradition at Renfrew and each year it gets better. Join the teachers, staff and PAC for pancakes and sausages. More details will be provided as we get closer to December.

January 14 - Roy & Rosemary Performance

Learn more here.

January to Feb 7 - Clothing Drive

Save your old clothes and other household goods! This is an easy way to help fundraise for the PAC. Bags will be sent home with your kids and you can get extra bags at the school office. We earn money per bag and the more bags we bring in, the more money we earn per bag.

January 30 to Feb 6 - Scholastic Book Fair

A great way to encourage reading while fundraising. Parent volunteers needed.

February 6 - Canadiana Musical Theatre Company Performance

Learn more here.

February 12 - Presentation by Accomplished Learning

There will be a presentation by Accomplished Learning on February 12 @ 3:30pm and again at 6:30pm (at the PAC meeting). Accomplished Learning provides a number of different programs to assist children with learning disabilities or children that just need a bit of extra help. This session will be information and interactive and you will have the chance to try the programs yourself.. If you plan to attend either session, please let us know so we can be sure to have enough seats and refreshments.

Please note that Renfrew School and the Renfrew PAC are not endorsing these programs but simply providing information to parents that may be interested.

March 3-7 - Dance Education Week

For a week, students are taught dances to perform on March 7th in the auditorium at 2:10 pm. Parents are welcome.

April 7 - Project Soul Performance

Learn more here.

April 9 - BCTF presentation “Supporting your Child’s Learning”

Parents play a critical role in their child’s education in so many ways; one very importatn way is by guiding their learning at home. This practical session will present strategies that can help your child develop effective homework and study skills and promote lifelong learning. Parents will also learn natural ways to include additional reading and match activities at home. Please join us on Wednesday, April 9 at 6:30 pm in the school library (right after the PAC Meeting). Grandparents are also welcome. Child minding will be provided.

April 30 - BCTF presentation "Internet Awareness for Parents"

Your child has access to a very “public place” which is quickly changing. Teaching your child Internet skills that promote awareness and knowledge to protect her or his personal safety is not an easy task. This workshop will provide an overview of the jargon, the risks, and how to explain Internet safety to your child.

May - Clothing Drive #2

Please save your clothes and household goods to donate to our clothing drive.


This was a huge success last school year.  Parents organized games, got donors, gave out prizes and raised money all at the same time. The goal of this event is primarily to get the community involved with the school. Lots of volunteer opportunities will be available for this event. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our PAC chair Colleen here.

June - Staff Appreciation Lunch Potluck

The teachers, administrators and other help staff work tirelessly throughout the school year. As parents, this is our chance to thank them for being...well, wonderful! We ask parents to bring their tasty dishes for a fun potluck lunch at the school.


We hope to have our first ever movie night in the gym at the school. Yes, there will be popcorn and drinks. Parents, students and people from the community are welcome to enjoy a family friendly evening out with us.


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