February 24, 2016 @ 10:33 AM

Minutes from our last meeting have been posted here. Some highlights:

  • Hot lunches will be continuing for term 3 with New York Foods. They will also be providing hot dogs and pizza for sports day on May 19.
  • The PAC will be giving away freezies on sports day.
  • Fundraising:  $4725 from the direct donation drive, $429 from clothing dirve as of our meeting based on 143 bags. Note that the PAC has already raised the same amount as last year (over $15,000 including our gaming grant which is $20 per student) and we still have to collect the funds from our term 3 hot lunch, clothing drive and second dance show donation box.
  • Two successful weeks of Dance Week funded jointly by the school and the PAC. Great shows, students!
  • Popcorn Day...
  • ...

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February 15, 2016 @ 10:32 AM

Parents are invited to attend our PAC meeting on Tuesday, February 23rd in the School Library. Some drinks and lights snacks will be provided. Also, free child minding will be available in the multi-purpose room during the meetings. 

PAC meetings are a great way to find out what's happening at the school. Mr. Blackman, the school principal, also attends and welcomes questions from parents. This is your opportunity to give your input on fundraising ideas and other school events.

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February 1, 2016 @ 10:32 AM

Renfrew School is holding a Run-A-Thon to raise funds for educational programs including the purchase of technology for classrooms. Donations are either a set amount or per lap that the student you pledge has run. Information sheets went home already, but in just in case, you can view it here and also print out extra pledge sheets.

Pledge days are from February 12 to March 1. The run-a-thon will be held on March 3.

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