Renfrew PAC Meeting
Apr 9, 2014 Minutes

Meeting called to order by James B. @ 6:30pm

In the absence of the Chair and Secretary, James B. is temporarily elected as acting chair for this meeting: He appoints Esther B as acting secretary.

Motion to adopt agenda by James, seconded by Kevin R.

Previous minutes are read and reviewed and motioned to adopt by James, seconded by Yuki T.

  • a request to correct the spelling of Esther’s name in minutes

Chair’s Report

  • Future Hot Lunch dates on website
  • Spring Carnival/Fun Fair: - Date and time not yet set but Mr. Blackman reminded us that if Fair goes into the evening that the janitorial staff will have to be paid overtime and the staff will not be available to volunteer.
  • Clothing Drive still scheduled for May

Treasure’s Report

No report available, tabled for next meeting. No updates of Budget on website.

Principal’s Report

  • Budget draft- 12.34 M. deficit 70 FTE. For Renfrew no layoffs, and budget should not affect us much. Budget draft is online at VSB and there are a series of meetings for feedback.
  • Enrollment numbers stable for next year and hopefully we will not lose any divisions. Montessori will be adding one more class for a total of 4. Current enrollment is 100% full with 8 students waitlisted.
  • Project Soul performed for school this week. Thanks to PAC for funding this.
  • Repainting of playground games lines has been approved and will hopefully happen soon
  • Out of School Care will be in operation at Renfrew this summer
  • Rec and Read program will also be operating at Renfrew this summer
  • School garden has expanded and Out of School Care will care for it this summer
  • Golf Canada chose our school for a sponsored golf program. $500 equipment and lesson plans being sent out soon!
  • Ready, Set, Learn Program for ages 3-5 very successful (Linda DG teaches it). 25 preschoolers and their caregivers attend each week.
  • Many classes have gone on or are planning fieldtrips and teachers thank PAC for support of $10.00/ student.

SPC Elections

  • Members unanimously approve Kevin R., Banu E. and Yuki T. (Executive Committee Rep) as our SPC reps

New Business

A member raises a concern over the lack of communication from PAC to its members this year. Member also concerned over declining fund raising revenues (i.e. Hot Lunch). The member requested more open and up-to-date communication, i.e. financial transparency, web update, and future fundraising ideas. More discussion on topic tabled to next meeting for the sake of the BCTF presentation “Supporting your Child’s Learning.”

Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm by James, seconded by Kevin.


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