2013-2014 PAC Sponsored Performances

The Renfrew PAC is excited to bring to Renfrew Elementary School 4 amazing performances by local musicians and actors.

Axis Theatre Company
December 2, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Over its 38-year long creative history, Axis Theatre Company has amused, inspired, moved and sometimes startled thousands of children, families and adults with their award winning physical theatre. Axis Theatre actively pursues a multi-disciplinary style of theatre that is underscored by inventive text and music. Stretching the boundaries of live theatre, Axis has produced over 52 original works, toured all over the world and has been rewarded with 16 Jessie Richardson Awards by the Vancouver theatre community.

Raven Meets the Monkey King

J.J. is a curious 11 year old who dreams of being a famous treasure hunter. At a garage sale, she buys a mystierious box and finds a Raven mask wrapped in a Chinese opera poster. Hoping her new treasure is worth something, she takes it to a junk shop where Mr. Wheeler, a greedy junk dealer, tells her it's a fake but still offers to buy it. Thinking something is fishy, she refuses and then begins her amazing journey to discover the real history behind the mask.

Helping J.J. on her adventure are Raven (First Nations) and the Monkey King (Chinese) who were freed when J.J. opened the box. From them, J.J. learns about their cultures and hears their stories.

Roy & Rosemary
January 14, 2013 @ 1:15 PM

From the stages of Carnegie Hall to Walt Disney World Florida, Roy & Rosemary have been wowing audiences with their fresh musical arrangements, endearing on-stage presence and their ability to invite their audience into the music-making process.

Roy and Rosemary are a piano/violin duo who are highly gifted and extensively trained. Their show contains music from a wide variety of genres with many instances of audience interaction and participation, often including a request set as well as a fun and imaginative creation session.

This duo has already performed in a diverse number of venues ranging from intimate house concerts to even St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. They have also created arragements and orchestrations for film and tv. Most recently, they worked with Grammy-winning producer Ian Prince and 5-time Juno award winning producer Sam Reid from Glass Tiger.

Learn more about them at RoyandRosemary.com.

Canadiana Musical Theatre Company
February 6, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Canada's greatest true adventures come to life as actor/musicians recreate pivotal events in hilarious, dramatic and magical musicals. Over a million students and teachers have enjoyed a treasure trove of thrilling Canadian stories written by 3-time Jessie nominee and award winning composer/playwright, Allen Desnoyers.

Small Wonders - Emily Carr

Free-spirited Emily runs afoul of her Father’s strict English ways in a lively, funny, and touching musical about this wonder-filled girl. Embracing her passions will put her at odds with strait-laced Victoria, but “Millie’s” irrepressible love for nature, art, and animals will shape the course of her life.

Project Soul
April 7, 2014 @ 1:30 PM

Project Soul is a crew of street-style dancers from Vancouver, consisting of poppers, breakdancers, lockers and hip hop dancers. They want to share their passion for funk-styles and hip hop culture by educating youth about the positive aspects of these dance forms. They have successfully toured for the past 3 years through the ArtStarts Program and hope to keep inspiring youth through their high energy and high impact performances.

Learn more about them on the Project Soul Facebook Page.

Here's a sample from their ArtStarts Showcase 2012:


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